Monday, December 15, 2008

Work in Progress

Wow! Today has been an exhausting day!! :p

I started my day at 6:45 am...we finished moving furniture, took down curtains and I got to work!! Not only did I work in my room from 7am-2pm, but also had to get cleaned up and go to Indy with mom for a short visit with Jenna. Crazy day!?!

Today's accomplishments:
-take down curtains
-move entertainment center into middle of the room
-paint walls
-pull off painter's tape
-paint trim
-put curtains back up until new ones come in

I also managed to sweep a small section of the floor and move 2 big pieces of furniture back against the wall. I also swept another portion of the room so mom could shampoo the carpet with her wet vac. There were a few stains we wanted to get up and it did a pretty good job! Overall, I'm pleased with how it looks...just gotta wait for it to dry!

Tomorrow's to-do list:
-dust & clean furniture
-sweep floors
-move more furniture back in place
-clean window panes
-move curtain brackets on 2 single windows
-wash & dry bedding
-test phone jack for cable hookup

I took some pictures today, but I'm gonna wait to post it all when the room is completely finished! :)

Gonna sit here and watch tv with mom for a little bit before going back to my room and crawling over a bunch of stuff to get into bed! haha


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