Sunday, December 14, 2008

Too Much HGTV

Since I haven't been working, I have been spending my days at home playing with Toby and traveling to visit Jenna and Zach here and there....on my days home, I have come to love HGTV!! I am actually addicted to a few of the shows - Designed to Sell, Deserving Design, Rate My Space, & Colorsplash. haha

So what does someone who watches too much HGTV do?? Well...redo a room of course! :p It looks as though I'm staying stationed in Osgood for awhile longer. After 100's of resumes being sent out, I'm no closer to a full-time job today than I was 2 months ago. It is extremely frustrating!?! I think the worst thing to be told is that you are over-qualified for a job! How does one become overqualified? If you are willing to do a job and you meet the requirements...shouldn't that be a GOOD thing?? ugh! So, I continue to job hunt...not really wanting to return to 70 hour work weeks at the golf course in 2009, but knowing that I have that to fall back on should I not be able to find other work by then. Anyway...back to the point of this story! haha :) Seeing as how I'm staying put, I decided that I needed a room makeover. My bedroom/office/living room (yes, its all one room here at mom's) is slightly cramped! Have you have ever tried to fit an apartment worth of belongings from 2 years living on your own into one space? Well, I am doing it...and it's not easy! ha As I type this almost all of my belongings are squished together in the center of my bedroom, including ME! :p

Today's list of accomplishments:
-moved furniture to center of room
-took all pictures and shelves off walls
-took apart old desk (that was falling apart) and put it in the dumpster! :)
-got rid of the old cables for our past-cable hookups
-washed the walls
-spackled nail holes and a few other repairs (water used to leak into my room, but now we have a new roof! woohoo!)
-sanded the spackled areas
-wiped down the walls AGAIN
-taped off the trim (still have 2 windows to do tomorrow, they are behind the last items to be moved!)
-washed my light coverings and replaced lightbulbs

Tomorrow's to-do list:
-take down curtains
-move entertainment center into middle of the room
-paint walls
-paint trim
-sweep floor

I'm praying that it only takes one coat of paint on the walls! My arms already do my knees from crawling around the room taping off trim! :p We're going to shampoo my carpet as well, so ideally that will happen throughout the day on Tuesday as I'm going to have to move furniture, clean a section, move furniture, clean a section, etc...haha The goal is to start placing furniture where it belongs on Wednesday! :) My new curtains won't be at the store until next Monday, but at I can handle my tacky floral curtains for another week...maybe!?! ha I have a new desk to put together (with mom's help I'm sure) and of course, all of my photos will have to be repositioned since furniture is getting changed around. I'll keep everyone posted! I forgot to take a "before" picture...I have some on my desktop (which is currently dismantled and sitting on the kitchen table!). :p

Here are a few pics...that is not my current bed in the picture, these are from before I moved back home last November, but its essentially the same setup!! ha

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  1. I, too, can get hooked on HGTV very quickly. It is very motivating to do some redecorating! Best of luck on the transformation...I can't wait to see the finished product.



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