Monday, January 12, 2009

Manic Monday

Just another Manic Monday! :p

Have you ever had a day where you thought it would be pretty quiet and uneventful...and it suddenly took an unexpected turn?!? argh!

I started my day by running some errands...had to go to Batesville and Osgood. Since I was out and about, I grabbed a bite to eat. I made it home around noon and of course Toby was ready to play! haha He is either sleeping, playing, or eating. (what a terrible life?!? ha) I managed to finish my lunch with minimal interruptions from my pup and then we proceeded to play tug and fetch with his rope bone for at least 30 minutes. After lots of running around, he was tuckered out! He loves to snuggle with me, so he crawled up onto my lap (this is just the start of his ruse) and then without any warning took a leap and hopped onto my shoulder for a nap! Little rascal...ha...he usually chooses to do this when I'm busy with stuff at my desk, but I had just finished paying a few bills and balancing my checkbook (does it surprise anyone that I find joy in having it correctly balanced?). So I scrolled through my iTunes while Toby took a nap on me. After a short nap, he hopped up to run and lay under the edge of my dresser where the vent blows hot air.

He was doing that and I was checking Facebook...only to see that my sister got sent home early from work because she can't move her neck!?! I immediately pick up the phone and call my dear little sister...apparently while she was working this morning, she turned her head and POP! goes her neck. Now she is in extreme pain and can't move her head. The girl who kinda manages everyone and answers the phone at her workplace told her to go home because she was wincing and yelping everytime she had to move! ...hmmm... I call mom and she suggests that Jen go see a chiropractor. That's all good and well, but Jen just moved into a new apartment and has el zippo for cash. So I find a chiro, yes they'll take my credit card info over the phone for payment, Jen calls and makes an appointment, and now I'm awaiting the call to pay the bill... Hopefully whatever is wrong doesn't take more than a few appointments to straighten out the kinks!

If she wasn't in so much pain, I'd joke with her and tell her she's really racking up quite a bill with me...first I helped her move all but 4 pieces of furniture to her new place (they wouldn't fit in my car/were too heavy for us to carry), I already bought her birthday gift which is not for another month, and now I'm paying the doctor bill! hahaha I feel like I need a cape that says "Super Sis" to the rescue! :p Yeah, I can hear her reply now....can't you? LMAO

Anyway, let's hope the evening turns into a good one!! I hope everyone else is having a great start to their week!

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  1. Sounds like a crazy day. I hope nothing else too out of the ordinary happened.

    Also, I hope Jenna's neck is feeling better.



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