Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Energy Abounds

Tuesday is looking to be a better day than yesterday! haha

For starters, Jenna is okay. She went to the chiro and learned that she was just having a spasm because of the repetitive work she does. They worked on her yesterday and she had an appointment again this morning before work. Last night she was feeling better, but sore. Hopefully today helps more!

On another note, I started my morning off with exercising again...I always feel so energized when I work-out! I've gotten better about making it a regular part of my schedule - just gotta keep it up! :) I have to thank Grandma Peetz (mom's mom) for instilling the love of a morning walk/run! When I was a little girl, Grandma and I would always take a brisk morning walk at sunrise. I miss those days! Now my exercise is slightly more intense than that, but still enjoy a good run in the summer as the sun comes up! ha

Also I want to welcome 2 friends to the blogging world, Kindra and Chelsea...they are both expecting their first child!


  1. Ahh...I wish I had the motivation to get up and walk/exercise in the mornings. You are right...it just gives you an extra boost the rest of the day.

    Thanks also for sharing the new blog pages!

  2. haha...if I was your size, I wouldn't worry about exercise! Plus, I'm sure you are burning lots of calories running after Dallas! :)



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