Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It finally happened...we actually got our first REAL snow this winter! And it's certainly more than I thought we'd get! (I mean, who really trusts the weather man anymore? ha) Here's a few pictures! There's probably about 4-5" on the ground in most places. And that's what several friends who measured the snow in their yards while out playing with the kiddos said today. ha We are supposed to be getting freezing rain and more snow on top of that this afternoon/tonight....possibly for a total of 10-12" of the white stuff. Personally, I think that is a stretch...we haven't had that much snow since I was in high school! ha

One thing is for sure...snow isn't nearly as much fun as an adult. My winters used to be spent PRAYING nightly for more snow so we'd get a snow day at school! ha Snow days were spent at my aunt & uncle's house...with my 3 cousins, sister, and 4-6 other neighbor kids! We'd ride our 4wheelers and snowmobiles for hours and hours on end!!!! :) Ah, what fun we had! haha A couple years ago, Jenna and I built a snowman in the front yard here at mom's, but these days I don't have anyone to play in the snow with! :( bummer!

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