Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Everywhere as far as the eye can see...snow and ice! :) I had plans to go over to my cousin Monica's today so I could play in the snow with her little boy, Ethan. I was going to take Toby with me because Ethan LOVES Toby and always asks to see him! Unfortunately, there was just toooooo much snow today! I doubt the kids have school tomorrow because I live right off the highway and we have not seen any sort of snow plow today! haha So, hopefully I'll get to make my way over there tomorrow and have a playdate in the snow with my lil buddy! :D

I did go out in the snow on my own today! I couldn't help myself!! I LOVE winter...and have so many great memories from when I was growing up (as noted in my last blog). I stomped around the yard awhile, making paths everywhere I went! :p I shoveled snow off the deck and blacktop so mom could get in the house without trudging through all the snow. I brushed all the snow off my vehicle, but still have a sheet of ice covering it. Mom called awhile ago and said she planned on de-icing the Mountie tonight, so looks like I'll get to head outside one more time today! ha ;)

Enjoy a few pictures I took! Hope you are all safe and warm!

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