Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunny Weekend Turned to the Ickies

Great, glorious, sunny, stupendous weekend at the golf course! We had fantastic weather on Saturday for my first (self-planned, carried out, etc) scramble at the golf course. We had 10 teams play in the scramble and I was quite pleased to have several people who never play in the events come out to join us! :) Sunday turned out to be a pretty nice day as well. The rain didn't come out until about 6pm, so we had a full day at the course. Oh, we're off to a wonderful start! :)

Yesterday and today have taken a turn for the worse...and because of the not-so-lovely weather, I'm feeling icky again. I have a sore throat today that I'm hoping to nip in the bud! I don't want this thing dragging out any further, or turning into anything more! :p

I know I should probably have more to tell, but you might as well know I live a fairly mundane life! ha It's work (at the office or golf course), playing with my pup Toby, or spending time with mom. Other than that, I don't have much time to accomplish anything else!

Hope you're all enjoying this cold, windy day! Where's Spring?!?

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