Monday, June 15, 2009

Gone Golfin'

Today I had a play date with my little cousin, Ethan! :) He LOVES to golf, so I took him to the driving range and let him hit a large basket of balls. He was doing very well! I know he hits them farther than I can! haha If you're a golfer and look at his hands, you'll notice they are not correct. I tried to correct him, but as he said "it feels weird." He should actually be a lefty (his dad is) and I know this trouble because I too should be a lefty (my dad is), but everyone else is right handed in our family so that's how he is learning...and how I was forced to learn! As I got older, I did learn to play sports left-handed because it felt more I'm guessing Ethan will probably be the same way.

After hitting about 70 balls on the range, we headed over to hole #1 and I let him try to hit over the water. He never did make it, which surprised me because he was hitting really well on the range. After that, we headed over to the #9 green and practiced our putting skills. He was doing really well with that, and I even managed to squeeze in a lesson about respecting the greens! ;)

We finished the evening with a trip to Dairy Queen for a treat...and finally McDonald's because he was still hungry! haha Aren't kids fun?!? :)

Here's a few pictures from our adventures tonight...I sure love him to pieces! Cousins are the best! :)

Ethan on the driving range

Ethan & I cheesin'

Ethan putting on the green

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