Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RIP Shelby Josephine

Today is a very sad day in the Menchhofer household. :(

My beautiful Great Pyrenees, Shelby Josephine (aka Shelby Jo), was hit and killed on the road in front of our house this morning. It angers me that someone could hit such a big dog and leave the scene of the accident without informing us. Have they no compassion?!? I cannot begin to describe how strong (in character) my momma is....I am even more sad that she was the one who had to find Shelby that way. Shelby and our other GP, Ice, have been getting out of the barnyard the past few days. They do this about once a year, I think it's always just to test mom. *sad laugh* I heard Shelby barking last night in the yard....so I knew she was out, but it was 11pm and mom had just put her back in an hour before that. This morning mom went outside to go to work and started calling for the dogs (our new morning ritual to make sure they are where they should be). Shelby never came....mom was preparing to get in her truck to go look for her....and as she pulled down the drive, my beautiful baby was laying in the road. Mom pulled her into the yard so that we can bury her later today. :'(

Mom called me after she got to work to tell me the news....of course, I am devastated. She wanted to warn me before I went outside for my morning walk. I knew I should stay away from the front yard, but I couldn't do it....I am not faint of heart, and I found myself throwing up. There are NO black marks on the road (they didn't brake obviously), the blood is still wet on the road (it had to have happened right before mom went outside)... I am saddened that someone could just hit someone else's pet and pretend it never happened. Purely from spite, I hope their vehicle requires thousands of dollars to repair the front end. I know that is mean, but if you saw our polar bear of a dog, you would understand that there is no way you could hit a dog that big as hard as they had to have hit her and not do damage.

Today is continuing to be a rough start....as soon as I think I'm done crying, it starts all over again. Our other dog, Ice, knows...dogs are so smart. I called her into the barnyard because I just needed to see her. (know that feeling?) She came out to the fence and just kept looking out to the front yard where Shelby is laying and then back to me. That broke my heart.

This makes MY second dog passing on around the time of my birthday. Just a few days before my 18th birthday, my German Shepherd mix - Midnight - had to be put down. And now, just a week shy of my 27th birthday, my beloved Shelby is gone.

baby Shelby eating out of the sheep feed pan

Shelby not sure about ALL those sheep, just a few days after we brought her home!

my beautiful polar bear with her sheepies...she was such a good protector

love my Shelby Jo <3

hi! looking up over the gate in the barn, like always...waiting for a milk bone


  1. I'm so sorry about Shelby Jo. I know how much you love your dogs. Was she one of them that came from my farm? or is that Ice?

    I can completely empathize how hard it is when someone hits your pet and says nothing...it happened to my dog Bogart (the dog that Doug bought me when we first moved to Iowa).

    Take care. {hugs}

  2. I love my dogs and can only imagine what you are going through!! I didn't even know the poor dog and your blog brought tears to my eyes. :(

  3. Thank you, Rajean & Kindra! It was a rough day. We are all doing much better today. Ice is the dog we got from your family Rajean...I think she's taking it the hardest as she lost her buddy. She barely comes out of the barn now. :( Thankfully our good friend, Keith Ertel, came and buried Shelby for us near some of our other past pets.



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