Monday, August 10, 2009

The Countdown has begun!!!

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I am so.....sooooooooooooooooo ready for vacation! ha I cannot begin to stress enough how much I need this short break. :p

How is it that I work that much harder to get everything prepared for being away? I normally put in approximately 55 hours a week...this week I'm on track for about 66 hours. What the heck!?! I don't think this vacation is long enough to full recharge myself from this week, but luckily I'll only have to wait another 45 days or so until the next trip! haha

It's almost bedtime...when I wake up...I will have 2.5 days of work to get through before we're off and running!!

After I get home from work Thursday night, mom and I will be heading to Indy. Hopefully I'll catch a few ZZZZZ's at Jen's place before we hit the road and head towards Wisconsin. We plan on stopping in Kenosha (some sort of cheese place - Mars, I think), then jetting over to good ol' Madison to see some Big Ten country, then down to New Glarus (the birthplace of beer such as the Spotted Cow, which Jen loves), and then FINALLY we'll be heading north again to the Dells. Thursday night/Friday morning can't get here fast enough!! Isn't that odd? Usually my week flies by....hmmm ;)

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