Monday, August 31, 2009

Riding Around

Last night I got home from work and it was just a little after 8pm. I was ready to get comfy and snuggle in for the night, when my cousin Zach sent me a text to come over. So, I got back in the car and drove almost all the way back to work (I had only been home a few minutes and their house is down the road from the course, I pass it on my way home). It was well worth it though! haha Zach has a crew cab ranger and I haven't been home the weekends he's been home or he hasn't been home when I've been "free." So last night he took me on a ride in the ranger (they've put 250 miles on it the past 2 days! ha). It was a nice night to go out for a really wasn't that chilly out. We had on light jackets. After driving around for a bit, he asked if mom was still awake and would she want to go on a ride, so I called her and we drove over to pick her up and take her for a ride too! haha After stopping in town to get gas, I can't believe it only holds about 10 gallons...we made it back out to the house. Then mom and I went home. :)

Everyone these days (around here) has a ranger...and everyone goes riding on the weekends! ha Now if only I could win the lottery, it would be the second thing I bought! hahaha ;) Guess I better start buying lottery tickets, huh?

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