Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not Much to Report

I feel like I should have something exciting to share, but in fact I do not. haha It's pretty much been the usual hustle and bustle around here the past week or so.

Toby has been his usual rotten little self. As I type this, I just got done swatting him for biting my toe. This is the third attempt at that in the past 30 minutes!

I've been keeping mom busy! ha She volunteered to do it it's really not my fault. ;) We're creating an outdoor scoreboard for the golf course so when we have big tournaments/events, we can post all the team scores in a more grand manner! Jesse and his dad, Gary, found an old chalkboard at the barn...and since they never use it (haven't in 6 years anyway), we decided to re-purpose it. After much debate and shopping for what I thought it would take to clean the chalkboard (and not finding anything), we decided to prime it and paint it with chalkboard paint before painting our scoreboard lines on it. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this works! The old chalkboard surface was not usable in its present state, even after scrubbing it clean. :/

I myself have been staying busy with golf course stuff, per usual. I'm gearing up for Member Day next week. I've ordered in some goodies (yay, surprises!) and am just waiting for the 9th to roll around so I can spend the day schmoozing with our members while running the grill. Yay rah. :p haha We have an event at least one day each weekend for the next month! It's gonna be a little hectic, but it's good business for the course. Yesterday we hosted a group of 30 for a Bachelor Party. I've known Matt his whole life, so it was fun to see a lot of my friends and church family out at the course.

As I was walking this morning, I had the realization that "FALL IS COMING!" Now if you don't know, I absolutely LOVE fall weather! It's my favorite season, hands down. :) I just love the sunshine and crisp air....the leaves will change's football season...harvest should be around the corner, but will be a little late around here this year... What's not to love? haha Yesterday and today have been gorgeous! The sun is out and warm, but the air and breeze keeps pretty cool in the 60's and maybe low 70's. Kinda makes me miss my days spent "Boiler'ing Up" in good ol' Ross Ade! I haven't been to a football game since my junior year (my senior semester I was student teaching down here), so I may have to try to get a group together for a game some time! Anyone interested???

All in all, I can't believe it's almost September! This summer flew by. It's really hard to believe that 4 weeks from now I will have already been home from New York for a few days! Woah. Before ya know it, I'll be in Australia. Mom mentioned today how she'll either have to go out for brunch on her own on Sundays while I'm gone, or not go out at all. I realized today that I'm going to miss Toby's 2nd birthday while I'm gone too. Bummer. I'm sure he'll forgive me (or rather be glad I'm not home) considering I made him wear a little cone party hat last year! hahaha :)

Okay, enough yammering!! I just put away all my clean laundry, but I think I might clean for a little bit before going to work at the golf course this afternoon. Hopefully it's a busy day!!

Enjoy this amazing weather! :)

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