Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vacation - Day 2

Saturday was a fun-filled day in the Dells! Enjoy the pictures (aka the timeline) of our day! :)

We rode the Army much fun! This is one they had "staged" by the road. You'd be surprised at how fast they go on land...and how SLOW they go in the water.

Jen and I before riding the was our best picture of the day (kinda :p)

While riding the Duck, we were able to take some great pictures! Sandstone lines the lakes and river.

Next we took a ride on the Wild Thing you can see, it is not a DRY ride! haha

Wet Joan? haha It was soooooooo much fun though!

After we dried off back at the hotel, Jen and I decided to hit the local outlet mall for some shopping. Unfortunately neither of us found anything...well not true, I found a Coach purse I LOVE...may have to go back and get it before we leave!! (as Geisler would say, that is an INVESTMENT you have to make! ha)

We also went to the Wisconsin Deer Park, where they have over 100 tame deer, it was pretty cool to feed them and have them come right up to you...even the bucks!

Jen has some pretty good pics of me with this buck, we tried to get some of her with him too, but he lowered his head a little after this and you should have seen her jump! ha

This little one thought he needed some more mom fed him and then he kept trying to get into the feeder!

The 3 of us after a fun time at the park...

Next up, 18 holes of putt-putt at Shipwreck Lagoon. Jen and I each had a hole-in-one, but sadly I lost! :p

Time for dinner...Mexicali Rose! Yummy Mexican food.

...mmmm....that was a GOOD Raspberry Margarita! ;)

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  1. Another fun-filled day in the books. Drink another margarita for will be a few more months before I can have one :(



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