Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vacation - Day 1

Friday was my first official day on vacation! :) It was a BUSY day of driving...a LONG day with the hour time difference...and last night we crashed early! haha Okay, so here's a recap of our day...

We left Indy a little before 6am...even by the time we got to Lafayette...sun was just starting to peek over the horizon.

Mom slept on and off during the drive. Luckily, Jenna stayed awake with me while I drove. ;)

The Chicago skyline...we are getting closer to WI!!

We made a stop in Gurnee, IL because of all weeks, this was the week that her work gave her an actual paycheck instead of direct deposit! ha (she needed to stop at a 5/3 bank once opening time came around)

Jenna kind of missed the "Welcome to Wisconsin" sign...ha

Our first official stop of the trip - Kenosha, WI - Mars Cheese Castle! (and yes, we brought a cooler for some purchases)

The roads in Wisconsin are mostly named with sure wouldn't want to be dyslexic! :p K, W, EW, PB, etc...crazy stuff

PRINGLE DOWN! We ended up crunching or losing more pringles that we ate...haha

What's a trip to WI without stopping in Madison at the University of Wisconsin?!? Camp Randall Stadium....we love Big Ten football! :)

New Glarus Brewing Company - home of the Spotted Cow beer! Definitely a fun stop and something to try if you make it to WI! (you can only buy New Glarus beers in WI! and yes, there are 3 cases of it in my vehicle, will probably be more before we leave the state)

We backtracked a little to Watertown, WI to visit Berres Brothers Coffee (a place mom saw on the Food Network)...they have amazing flavored coffees!

..........FINALLY...........Wisconsin Dells!!!! :)

Dinner at Moosejaw Pizza & Brewing Company...yum!

The restaurant has a a PT Cruiser & a VW Beatle with a moose on about great, fun advertisement! ha

Jenna and I at dinner :) Tried some decent microbrews and enjoyed some delicious food!

After dinner, we came back to the hotel and figured out what we were going to do Saturday. All 3 of us were quite tired after not sleeping much the night before at Jen's place, getting up early, driving all day, tacking an extra hour on due to time, we fell asleep around 10pm (WI time).

On to another day of vacation fun! :D

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  1. Looks like you had a good first day of vacation. I bet your mom loves you for posting the picture of her snoozing in the car!



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