Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's almost time!!

The clock is ticking by! I still need to finish packing (I don't know why it's taking me so long!) and have to work my regular shift tonight at the golf course, then it's time to go! :)

I think Toby knows something is up....he has been very clingy the past few days. We kept him up late last night so we could finish laundry, so today he's been a sleepy baby. haha We are leaving Toby at home alone for this trip. Mom's friend, Debbie, is going to come by and check on him every night (she's one of his buddies), sit for awhile to make sure he eats (he has a bad habit of only eating when we're home), and play with him. I'm sure he'll be nutso when we get home Monday night!

All I know is that I'm well on my way to 70+ hours this week....and I am in dire need of a break! I hope the weather I looked up for the weekend in the Dells turns out better than predicted. I don't want hot, rainy weather. I'll deal with hot, but not the two together! ha I'd like some time in the sun to enjoy the waterparks! :)

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