Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacation - Day 4

Monday we had hoped to visit the waterpark before heading home, but once again it was raining...so we packed up and headed back to IN! It was a long drive and although I'm sad to see vacation come to an end, it is also nice to be back home. Toby missed us quite a bit (our friend, Debbie, came out to check on him everyday) and went NUTS when we got home! ha It took us awhle to settle him down last night so we could go to bed.

Here's the last few pictures from our journey home...

Pettit Nat'l Ice Center is the Olympic Training Center. We almost stopped at the WI State Fair! And Jenna wished an Indy Car race was going on at the speedway. haha

Miller Park!

Milwaukee skyline

Lunch at the Pizza Shuttle in Milwaukee...very good!

Chicago skyline on our way back home

Woohoo! Back in the state!

We really just wanted to be done driving....Indy seemed a long ways away!

seeing a rainbow was a nice end to all the rain we experienced on the way home :)

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