Saturday, October 10, 2009

Movie & Weather Review

Last night mom and I decided to go watch Couples Retreat at the theater. It was a good decision!! Such a fun movie. Men and women were laughing...even the 2 little old ladies behind us were laughing! It's a pretty clean movie, only mildly suggestive during the yoga instructor scenes...and if you've seen a preview, you know what I'm talking about. haha It was the perfect movie for a cool, rainy night. It is definitely a "buy when it comes out on dvd" kind of I'll watch many times! :)

Also this weather still stinks! ha No more rain this morning (FINALLY), but it has cooled off. I guess it's time to prepare ourselves for coats. ugh. I hate wearing coats/jackets. I was feeling much better and then last night with the cool rain and being trapped in mom's truck with a defrost that will melt you on the lowest setting (gotta love Indiana weather), I am feeling a bit stuffy this morning. :( I cannot and will not get sick!! I am leaving for Australia in less than 40 days and my colds always drag on forever. So, more meds to try to prevent this crap from settling in. haha

Well, my vehicle should have warmed up enough now (and windows defrosted) so I can see to drive to town. Gotta get my vitamin D this morning! haha (aka...I'm going to go tan) Then I'll be headed to work later this afternoon although I highly doubt we have many golfers today. :( The sunny side to all this is that tonight mom and I are having Stone's chicken for dinner!!!! I haven't had that in well over a year...possibly longer than that, so that will be a nice treat. (anyone who grew up around here knows all about Stone's)

Have a good weekend! :)

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