Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saints, Boilers, Ponies! Oh my!

Woah boy! I absolutely LOVE sports days like today!

The Saints are playing right now! Go Drew! Yesterday was Drew's birthday, so hopefully he gets a win for his birthday present! :)

The Boilers are also playing today. They need to get it together and put another W in the books! ha

And last, but certainly not least, the Colts are playing tonight! Hopefully the guys aren't too rusty after not playing much this past month...

We'll be cheering all the guys on today from little ol' Osgood! :p Even Toby is joining in the fun...he has his favorites as well! ;)

On a side note, a big shout out to Kayla for hosting a Mary Kay party last night for me! It was great to meet her and her friends. :) I even got to see Justin for awhile and catch up with him. I was also very excited to meet their little boy, Jaden, and watch him perform his latest feat...WALKING! Adorable! Thanks guys! I had a wonderful evening and hope you did too! Remember, now that I know my way may get another visit or two! ha

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