Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

...or 2 years! ha

A few years ago I was working my Mary Kay business the best that I knew how (which was lackluster at best). I thought I had all the answers and truly wasn't following Mary Kay Ash's plan. Fail.

After much success, I had a few setbacks and got discouraged. I took what we jokingly call a "Mary Kay vacation." I only bought product when I absolutely had to in order to remain in the company and was only selling to my mom, my sister, and a few close friends. Not only had I had disappointment, but I was working for the Federal Government and in a terrible work environment. I loved the people I worked with and the pay, but disliked the negativity, long mandatory hours, and the job itself.

Fast forward to November 2009. Vonda (my Director and good friend) asked me how I was feeling about coming back into Mary Kay and really doing the work. Out of the blue, I found myself saying, "Sure, when I get back from Australia." After I said those words, I realized how much I had missed it....the positivity, my friends, and the extra cash. While I was on my Australian adventure, I caught myself wondering if I could really do IT. You know...could I be a success? I started to doubt if I would truly return to MK, but I have only ever used the MK products and I truly believe that through this business, God has bigger plans for me. (I've always believed's been in my dreams since day 1 of becoming a consultant. And for you who don't know, I dream a lot, and my dreams typically come true. It's a little freaky.) When I got back from Oz, I had lunch with Vonda and we talked about the trip and all the crazy moments! :) Once again, before I had time to think, I found myself telling Vonda that I would attend a training coming up in January. Whew, my mouth is really getting me into trouble! I seem to be spewing information before I know what I've done! ha

That brings us to January 2010. WHIRLWIND month. I knew all the mistakes I'd made the first time around. I knew I had to be ready to get to work. So that's what I've been doing...working. I don't know how or when things will happen, I just know they will if I do everything I've been taught to do. So each day I do the "possible"...knowing that at the end of the year, something "impossible" will come to fruition.

I've been holding skin care parties and sharing the opportunity with everyone I know. [If I haven't badgered you...and you don't have a Mary Kay consultant...PLEASE contact me! I still have far too many open dates!! I promise we'll have fun! Right, Kayla & Angie? ;) ] It all started because ONE person said YES to me. Thank you Kayla! Because Kayla held a party, others started booking. Because Kayla said yes to the opportunity, others are following suit.

My theme for the year is commitment. When you are committed, providence moves.

I spent last weekend at a special Mary Kay training. It was a small group that got to spend personal time with our National Sales Director Linda Toupin. If you've never heard her speak, you are missing out! My first thought of her was..."how can I not love everything about a girl from southeastern KY that grew up on a dairy farm and in 4-H?" Being in Linda's space last weekend really changed how I think. Think Abundantly. Dream Big. Work Hard. Pray A LOT. It was eye opening because as mature as I've always been, it was pretty apparent (even to Linda who's known me since 2003 when I became a consultant) that I have truly grown up the past 2 years, more than I thought I had! haha There are no words to explain all that happened in the 9 hours or our group spent together, but trust me when I say it was life changing. Success.

You don't get motivated by sitting around waiting to be inspired. Action breeds motivation.

And if I have completely bored you to tears...thanks for reading along today! Good things are happening. No, strike that...GREAT things are happening. I love my Mary Kay business!

Have a wonderful day everyone!! :)

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  1. I did have fun! And started using a new product, thanks to you!
    I wish you lots of luck with your business! ( I hear my little sister Erin might be hosting a party? Sweet!!)

  2. I'm so glad Angie! :)

    Yes, Erin said she would hold a party in Indy when she was back this summer! I'm looking forward to meeting her as well! It was kinda funny to call her and say, hi Erin it's Erin. :p



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