Friday, May 14, 2010

Another one on the books

Kayla and I both completed Week 1 Day 2 of the C25K program today! We totally kick butt! ha :) It's awesome having someone to be accountable to, even if we do live 3 hours apart! I have to say I tried to challenge myself a little more today and jog faster during the run portions of the program, and although I was definitely sweaty after the workout, I felt awesome! I really do like C25K and even mentioned to my mom tonight after I got done with it that I can't believe I have been able to run/walk the entire time without stopping. I can walk and walk and walk....but ask me to run and generally I'd laugh in your face. I don't run. ha Ask my family, there are jokes about me running. :p I just might learn to enjoy running.

Anyway, off and running on another busy weekend! Tomorrow we have a cousin's wedding and Ethan's birthday party. Sunday we're making a trip to Indy to do a little shopping and pick up some stuff at Sam's Club for the golf course. The fun never ends. ;)

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