Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Birthday, Wedding, and Nonsense

Saturday was a busy day!

It was mostly spent in the company of family...Ethan's 7th Birthday party and Lindsay's Wedding!

A few pics from Ethan's fun party :)

the birthday boy squeezing thru the obstacles! ha

even the "big kids" joined in on the fun

Erica coming down the slide with Callie...she really did enjoy it,
even though it doesn't look like it! ha

Lindsay & Kyle's engagement picture (didn't think to get my camera out at the reception, but Lindsay looked gorgeous in her mermaid style wedding dress!)

And I completed Week 1-Day 3 of the C25K program! :) One week down, eight to go! haha You are supposed to skip a day between each day, but I am going to start Week 2 tomorrow because Monday-Wednesday-Friday works best in my schedule. I am proud to report that as of yesterday, I was able to get into a pair of jeans I bought back in October (when I had lost 20lbs. but was NEVER able to wear after washing & hang drying them)!! I'm hoping that means that come weigh-in on Thursday night I will have lost the most pounds! ha

On another note, the Miss USA pageant is on right now....I'm not normally a fan, as I only support the Miss America pageant system (it's better all around!), but the Miss Indiana contestant is from North Vernon, which is in the neighboring county (and I was just there last Friday...ha).

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