Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally Friday

YAY! It's FINALLY FRIDAY! Has anyone else felt like this week went on...and on...and on? It was madness at work! I'm so thankful it's come to an end and the weekend is here.

It's been almost a month since I last blogged, so I thought since I'm sitting here enjoying this amazing, relaxing evening I should write a little about what's been going on.

The last time I wrote, I had just returned from our weekend trip to Purdue. Honestly, there hasn't been much of note going on since then, but I'll try to recap.

The first Friday night of February, the Menchhofer family got together to celebrate my cousin Jacob's birthday. He managed a weekend home (he's the Navy guy) and we all surprised him with a family dinner for his belated birthday. Several friends joined us as the night went on and we shared LOTS of laughs.

The second Friday of February, I made a trip down to Florence so I could take my Cruze in for the first 5,000 mile oil change/maintenance. I was glad it was a quick trip down and back. The Cruze is in great condition and ready for many more miles! :)

This weekend we are headed to Indy to help Jenna celebrate her 26th birthday (belated!). Her birthday was this past Sunday, but she was in Bloomington for a swing dance exchange, so the party got bumped to this Saturday. A group of us (the same ones who celebrated last year) are meeting at Scotty's Brewhouse for lunch. Mom and I are gonna spend the day with Jen doing some shopping (more info on that AFTER the weekend). ;)

If you live in've probably been enjoying the fabulous spring-like weather the past few days! I know I have been...and so has Toby! I've opened my bedroom windows nearly every night to enjoy the breeze. Here's Toby enjoying the sunshine:

In other news (since several of you are great about asking me, seriously - THANKS for being motivators)....I have lost 12 pounds in the past 4 weeks! I've been exercising 6 days a week and eating healthy. I've been doing Weight Watchers online to track my food. It's really no wonder you lose weight when eating good foods that fill you up instead of junk. Most days I have a hard time eating all my daily points. This weekend I will unfortunately eat all those points and then some...haha...but it'll be worth it. Not like we go out to eat every day for a birthday celebration!

Anyway, until then I'll leave you with a few of my current favorite songs....

1. Pretty Girl Rock - Keri Hilson
2. Valerie - Glee Cast
3. Shake - Jesse McCartney
4. I Do - Colbie Caillat
5. Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer

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