Sunday, March 27, 2011

-4 and a Wedding!

For starters...I am down 4 more pounds from last week! WOOHOO! I have to say a huge Thank You to my Big Sis (from sorority days) Kortni and her friend, who is now my friend, Amy, for all their encouragement and support the past week. We are all doing Weight Watchers and exercising and it's been great having support, even via internet since we live so far apart! I am down to the point where I ended last fall...and excited to continue my progress!

And weekend!

CONGRATULATIONS TO JUSTIN AND KAYLA! I am so happy for both of you! Justin, the brother I never thought I wanted, but so thankful I did was great seeing your family again. Kayla, my friend! You are a wonderful friend (amazing how we clicked right away when we met just over a year ago) and I am glad that Justin found you and that you have created a sweet family together! Jaden is getting so big!

It was a great night catching up with my FFA family! :) The proof is in the fact that my throat is sore from all the talking/laughing! We had fun celebrating with the newlyweds...

Kyle, Erin, Justin, Rajean, Liza

Kyle, Erin, Kayla, Justin, Rajean, Liza
Love you guys! Can't wait for our next reunion this summer at State Convention...10 year Anniversary! Holy smokes! ha

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