Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 16 - Day of Love

So today was a day full of wedding stuff....obviously, not for me (ha!)....but for some of my dearest friends. :)

The day started off with Kristi's bridal shower. Kristi and I became really good friends our Senior year of High School (the year I switched schools...long story!). We have always stayed in touch and I will actually be in her wedding next month. Today one of her aunts and cousins from Cincinnati threw her a Bridal Shower in Batesville at The Sherman House. It was a really nice luncheon! This is the first of her showers, but more to come on that at a later date!

Bride-to-be Kristi opening gifts

our other close friend & fellow bridesmaid, Olesha

After the bridal shower, I raced back home to pick up mom...and then we headed to Greensburg for my lifelong friend's wedding! I met Vince on the last day of 3rd grade. His mom, Sandy, and him had just moved to Osgood and she brought him in to meet everyone. We've been friends ever since. I have "grown up" in Mary Kay with his mom, Sandy, and his step-dad, Jeff, works the same place I do. It was SOOOOO much fun to see everyone tonight at the reception! We laughed and talked for hours. LOVED it!

the groom anxiously awaiting his bride


Unity candle

The sign of true friendships is going months, sometimes years, without talking and picking right back up where you left off. I have truly been blessed in my life with some of the most amazing friendships...

my best friend since Kindergarten, Jessica

Kyle, Chris (cracking himself up!), and Jesse
Chris & Jesse were our classmates

Jeff, Vince's step-dad & my quirky co-worker

3 of my long time friends - Vince, Jess, & Danny (best man)

one of my favorite people for high school, Amber (Kyle in above pic is her hubby)

Vince's little sis, Laura...she's a sweetheart!

my good friend & Vince's mom, Sandy

Live. Laugh. Love.

A day full of all 3 things! :)

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