Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 15 - Starting a Revolution!

Happy to report that I am down another 2 pounds...which brings my total to 27 pounds of weight loss!! So much more to go, but feeling great! :)

Toby was completely worn out today. He has not been able to nap as much as he'd like. ha Poor baby. ;)

I did another detox today...water was looking MUCH better! I'm convinced that so many people would feel better and be healthier from these detoxes!! I'm ready to start a revolution...thinking about starting a blog just for that. Will keep you posted. Tonight a family friend who gets severe migraines came over to give the detox a whirl. She was amazed! She ordered a unit from me because her mother-in-law is dying to do it as well to relieve joint pain in her knees.

Are YOU ready to join the detox revolution?? All the toxins expelled in the water are bodily waste. YUCK! The insane part is that what you see is only 10% of what your body expels in the process. The rest ends up working it's way through your system. This is a professional ionic detox system. You can buy cheaper versions, but they don't work and they give out very quickly. The system I'm selling is what a local "in-demand" massage therapist and a local chiropractic office uses and charges $50+ a session for! Holy moly! You'd have your own detox system paid for in just 5 uses!

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  1. I'm intrigued.. explain this detox thing a little more please! :) What exactly do you do? How costly is it? you know.. convince the skeptic! :)

    Andy used those pads you put on the bottom of your feet a few years back and swore they worked. I never bought more, because once again, I'm Mrs. Skeptic! :)



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