Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 28

I thought we were all done with the rain until was a beautiful sunny day, warmed up to 65! On my way home, this is what I see...

Mr. Storm Cloud moved in to cut off Mr. Sunshine

So I am now spending my evening snuggled on the couch in between loads of laundry. Oh the excitement. ;)

An update on my weight loss - I have been sweating my butt off every night on my good friend, the treadmill! ha Last week I did not lose...or gain! Weird week. ha This week I am hoping for a loss. I have done about 2 miles on the treadmill each night. I am still counting points with WW and that is getting easier all the time! :) Friday morning is my weigh in, so I'm sure I'll update you when I post my picture for that day. I'll be spending the weekend with Jen in Indy (yay!) and last time I was there, I could NOT connect to her internet with my laptop no matter what I tried (boo!). Stay tuned...updates may not come until Sunday evening!

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