Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 90 & What I'm Loving Wednesday

I haven't posted for the past few Wednesdays with Jamie...but tonight I have a few minutes to spare! Barely. But who's counting? haha

Today I picked up the jewelry from my cousin's Lia Sophia party. I LOVE it! Don't forget that July is buy 1, get 2 half price!! So buy the cheapest item you like at full price and buy the most expensive 2 items you like for half price. That's a deal! :) I'm hosting a book party for my cousin until July 24th (coincidentally my last day for my Scentsy start), so if you'd like to order anything let me know and we'll get your order squared away.

Yay! It's here!!

Commotion necklace - it is being discontinued, but I love it!

Identity bracelet

Cocktail Hour ring

Samba earrings

Roundel earrings

I am also loving (and thankful) that Toby is feeling much better this evening! This morning he was still acting puny, but tonight he is back to his old self. :)

I am loving that the week is halfway over!

I am loving that my Cozumel vacation is just DAYS away. We are soooooo ready! Our bags (well, mom's and mine...I doubt Jen has started) are packed except for last minute items.

And lastly, I am loving my Scentsy business. God has blessed me with great friends and family who truly love this amazing product! I have 25 days left in my "starter period" and have a massive goal yet to reach. So if you by any chance like Scentsy or would like to try it...please go online & order from my website (! I am $2,400 away from the top level, which is my goal! I'm a little over half way there (the level is 5k), so PLEASE, help! :)

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  1. I'm sooooo jealous you're going to Cozumel!!! I've been craving a Mexican vacation so bad but won't get to go until next summer :(
    Have fun soaking up the sun and ocean!



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