Friday, July 1, 2011

WW Update

Weighed in this morning....... *drumroll please*

And I have lost another 3.4 pounds!!! :) YAY!

I have officially lost nearly 46 pounds. That is crazy!?! I am feeling better everyday! I will finish out my points week tomorrow (Saturday) and then come Sunday, I am taking a one week break. I plan to enjoy vacation, but hopefully without overindulging and gaining back this week's (and more) weight loss. haha

5QF was posted too late for me to prepare in advance last night and not sure I'll have time to play along today, but I will try. I hope everyone has a great weekend...and week...I shall see you again next Sunday, July 10th!


  1. thats an amazing loss!!! congrats!!!!!

  2. thats so awesome!! I recently joined weight watchers to help me start eating better and shed my Freshman 15 haha keep it up girl!



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