Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 128

Okay, a bit of a recap of my weekend so far...

Yesterday (Friday) I had plans to meet up with my childhood friend, Bridget. When she got to the restaurant, I was also pleasantly surprised to see her brother, Adam, with her. I have known these 2 nearly my whole life. So many fun memories! Even though we "see" each other around town quite often, we normally don't get time to sit & chat. It was a fun lunch catching up on all the news. :)

Last night I decided I had enough of the not sleeping I bought a sleep-aid to take. I am happy to report that it worked!! I slept 8 glorious, uninterrupted hours and even went back to sleep another 1.5 hours after initially waking up. I feel so much better today! It's amazing what a little sleep can do for a person. haha (And  yes, I plan to take it again tonight!)

Today has been a busy, busy day around here! (much to Toby's dismay..he would prefer to sleep 23 hours a day) I have cleaned the house (dusted & vacuumed), did a couple loads of laundry & put it away, re-organized my filing cabinet, backed up my laptop on the external HD, took inventory of my Scentsy products to prepare for the open house in a few weeks, threw away a bunch of old stuff out of the fridge & deep freezer, exercised, and even ran around awhile in the yard with Toby while mom grilled dinner. I checked a bunch of stuff off my To Do list, even though there are several more to finish this weekend.

Toby helping his mamaw pick tomatoes out of the grotto

Kya watching Toby...she'd love to eat him I think! ha


Hope you're all having a great weekend so far!

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