Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 129 - State Fair

There truly is nothing like a fair, especially a State Fair! I guess it's in my blood. My parents took me to my first State Fair when I was 4 days old!?! I think they were nuts. We saw several itty bitty babies today...and all I could think was, why would you torture yourself like? haha

Anyway...on to the day...

We parked in the infield and made our way up to the main track. We wandered through several buildings (first stop being the FFA Pavilion!) and stopped for the first food items of the day...corndogs! Yum! We then trekked through all the animal buildings (makes me miss those days) before stopping at the Dairy Bar for some mozzarella sticks and mom got a milkshake. I also had to get my "splurge" of the day...a deep fried milky way! mmmmmm So good! :) We hopped on the fair shuttle and made a full lap. I love doing that. We have done that every year and it's fun to see the entire fair from another perspective. You can't beat it for $0.75 per person. haha Once we made the full lap back around, we hopped off and walked a bit before jumping on another shuttle and riding halfway around to take the north tunnel back to the infield. It was definitely hot and sticky today since we had a storm over night. Ugh! We needed the rain, but I can live without this horrible humidity.

 walking thru the midway to get to the first animal barn

fair shuttle!

mmm...deep fried candy bars

mom & I riding around the fair

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  1. I would have picked the Milky Way, too!!! :o)



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