Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 132

It all started so well...temps are more reasonable and the sunrise was very pretty over the cornfield! Then it started to take a turn. haha

My mom has a tooth infection (again) and her face is majorly swollen from the antibiotics trying to get rid of the infection. When she takes the pain pills, it makes her sleepy, so she ended up spending half the day at home. I think I have her convinced to take one more day off. Her boss is at work yet tomorrow, but then gone from Friday until at least Monday, I think. I told her she better rest while she can!

Toby threw up again tonight. Not sure why. It's not the same as the last episode. I am hoping he just ate too much too quickly and his little belly was upset. :( He is snuggled beside me right now. Hopefully he'll feel better in the next few hours.

Work has been crazy. My boss is on vacation and we're preparing for our ISO recertification next week. Kind of a bad time for a vacation! Argh.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your mom and Toby! I hope they both get better soon!!!

    That is a gorgeous picture you took!!!



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