Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 134

For a sports loving family like mine, it doesn't get much better than FREE tickets to see some of our favorite teams! It's even better when the free tickets are AMAZING seats!

Each year, the company I work for gives each employee one set of tickets to the Cincinnati Reds. Our work has season tickets and has for several the seats are pretty spectacular. We get 4 tickets and a parking pass. Not too shabby!

Last night was the night for my tickets. I took mom and cousin, Zach, was supposed to go as well, but he had to cancel due to work. :( We were right behind 1st base. And yes, we were only 5...count it...FIVE rows off the field!! STELLAR! :)

To make the night a true experience, the Reds actually won! If anyone follows baseball, you'll know that we all had high hopes for the Reds this year after their rockin' performance last year. Unfortunately, they can't seem to get it together. They've not won more than 3 games in a row all season. Argh! The talent is there which makes it all the more frustrating. haha The game was cruising along although it seemed certain there was going to be another L in the Reds column...when the San Diego Padres decided to do something really stupid...they walked Joey Votto on purpose (even though he'd been having a crummy hitting night) with Jay Bruce up to bat next. Are you kidding me?!? Long story short, Bruce knocked a homer outta the park!!! The crowd went cRaZy!! Reds got 3 back across home plate and locked up the win. :)

Here's a few pictures from our girls night out at the ballpark!

 Joey Votto

Our view of the field :)

 Mom and Nenners

Cutie Drew Stubbs ;)

 Rosie Redlegs running on top of Reds Dugout...yep, we were that close!

 Dusty Baker's 2nd trip out to the field...ha...ya just gotta know Dusty!

Definitely not a full house like the last game we went to, but still fun

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