Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 135

After a late night last night...and a somewhat early morning (so I could exercise before the day started), I am back home.

Today, I went to Indy to spend the day with Jen. We were going to attend the Taste of the Trucks in Broad Ripple (food trucks in Indy were all meeting at the same place), but when we got there...the lines were ridiculously long! No place to park. Mass chaos. We decided we didn't want to wait in the heat, so we cruised on down to the fairgrounds to take in a day at the State Fair. The parking there was also insane, as for the first time in my life, they had EVERY gate marked "Hangtag or Handicapped Parking Only." WTH?!? There were tons of empty parking spots around the inside of the fairgrounds and lots of unhappy fairgoers! We ended up paying $5 to park and walking across the street to the fair. We took in some fair food and then sat through the 2 hour Cousin Brothers show at the Ricker's Main Street Stage. We were under a tent, so the shade was slightly cooler than the sun! It was a lot of fun...the group is funny, but very talented. (Jen knows the band & has been to many shows.)

We walked through a few more barns and then headed back to her apartment after running a few errands. I made my way home and am quite glad we didn't have plans to attend the Sugarland concert. If you haven't heard...the State Fair had quite the MESS tonight. The stage collapsed. Early reports show at least 4 people dead and approximately 45 injured. We had friends who skipped the concert because of the threat of bad weather. Luckily, we've heard news from just about everyone we know who was there and all are safe. It is going to be a very ugly situation for the fair before all is said and done. I know most of the fair staff and I can imagine the nightmare they are currently living (not to mention the concert-goers). Say some prayers!

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