Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 137

Well friends, I have come to the decision to no longer sell Mary Kay. It's a sad day as I have been a consultant for over 8 years! I am having a mega sale on everything I have left on my if you are interested, email me at emenchhofer@yahoo & I'll send ya the list.
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  1. Why did you decide to quit selling it? I've been *thinking* about selling Avon - mainly so I can get the discounts. ;o)

  2. I really only took care of a few loyal customers anymore. I always did it so I could get my products at half price, but my sis & I don't use enough to meet the minimum to stay active. Plus, where I live...there are lots and lots of MK consultants, so the market is pretty saturated. I honestly make WAY more selling Scentsy. :)



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