Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 151

This morning on my way to work, the Cruze hit 13,000 miles! Argh! I can't believe I've only had my car for 10 months and already have 13,000 miles (especially considering that I drove it off the lot with only 3 miles on it!). Oy.

please ignore the fact that I was driving while taking this picture ;)

Tonight I was excited to come home from work and find not one, but two packages from Scentsy waiting on me! I love surprises!! :) I met my goal of becoming a Level 3 Consultant by the end of my starter period, so the first package had my certificate and lapel pin for that achievement. In July, I also met the Sales Award level, so the second package had my certificate and the Scentsy charm bracelet with the sales charm. It is super cute and I can't wait to wear it out! What an awesome company!

On another note concerning Scentsy, if anyone would be willing to have a catalog party for me, I would LOVE to send you a small package with scent samples (including return postage), catalogs, and order forms. I would also set up an online party for you on my website ( so that if any of your friends/family don't live close, they can go online to order. I have a BIG scary goal...I'm working to earn the all-inclusive dream trip to Hard Rock Hotel, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! It is a week long dream trip with the other Scentsy trip winners. I have a goal to earn the trip for myself and a guest (my mom!). The products sell themselves and you get lots of great half price and free items for being a hostess! If you'll help, please email me at :) (I'm not too proud to beg for help!!)


  1. Girl, you must take a lot of road trips or something in your car! I've had my truck for 10 months too, but only have 7000 miles on it! Where are you going?!? :o)

  2. haha...well the month after I got my car, we drove it to Pittsburgh on a trip and then this past weekend I put almost 1300 miles on it driving to/from MO & KS. I do drive a lot. My sister lives an hour away and my cousin lives 2 hours away...I drive to those destinations quite often!



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