Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 153

I haven't talked about my Kindle in awhile...but I tell ya, I use it ALL the time. I read every day during my lunch (it's only 20 minutes but I read the entire time!) and I try to read at least 1 night a week. Tonight I am charging my Kindle. Can't remember the last time I actually had to do that! I love the battery life!! :) So here's to more happy reading! (I usually download the FREE Bestseller books on Amazon's Kindle List, but if one is really good and I'm hooked on the series, I'll buy the rest! ha)


  1. Would you recommend a Kindle? I've been wanting one.. but I can't decide if it is worth the money. Plus.. I like to read around water (the bathub.. the lake.. etc)

  2. I would definitely recommend it! Love mine and take it everywhere. I have used mine near the pool and beach with no problems. I just have the wifi one, not 3G.

    When we were in Cozumel, this random guy just stopped cause he saw I was reading on the kindle and went into a 5 minute spiel about how much he loved his and didn't I love mine and how he was the least techy person out there but his whole family loved it. hahaha It was too funny!



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