Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 205

Cool temperature.
Good food.

Today was an absolutely PERFECT day. I am as sincere as anybody could be when saying that. It's no secret that Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I wish it were like this year round!

My morning started out by scraping the frost off my car windshield. Yes, really.

Jen & I made the one hour drive northwest to God's country, aka Purdue University. :) Every single time I go back to my beloved alma mater, it feels like home. Corny, maybe. It's the truth. I love it. I never get enough of walking across campus (and trust me, it's a hike from the south side where we always park to the north side where the football stadium is located). The trees are in the midst of changing colors, the air had a nice chill to it, the sun was shining so brightly we had to wear our sunglasses, the homecoming crowd's energy was buzzing in the air...and the Boilers pulled off a win! Actually, the sun was so warm that we ended up with sunburnt faces and necks! ha LOVE it.

Purdue's Bell Tower

always have to get our souvenir cup each season!

Boiler Up! *toot, toot*

sister bonding time :)

Homecoming half-time show included the Alumni Band

After the game was over, we made our way back to Indy for dinner at Boogie Burger and dessert at BRICS. I tried another flavor tonight as a sample, but once again ended up getting my all-time favorite flavor, Broad Ripple Blackberry. It makes me almost as blissful as peanut butter pie! (see the previous post, Day 204 - haha)

I headed back to southeastern IN and made a quick stop for groceries. I carried everything into the house and immediately put it all in it's rightful place! It felt good to get everything settled and have time to relax this evening. Somehow the hours have passed in a blur since I've been home...which is why I'm still awake and blogging at nearly 11pm! It's almost an hour past my bedtime. ha :p

Great day in the life of E1! Days like this make it okay that I was shopping alone at Wal-Mart for groceries at 7pm on a Saturday night....while all the cute happily married couples were doing the same thing, all dressed up like they'd just been on a date or were headed out next.

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