Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 211

Friday was a busy day. I worked until 11am, as always. I had to go meet a customer at my cousin's salon so they could smell the Scentsy scents. (think little old lady with white hair who gets her hair done every Friday...ha) I also spent the afternoon loading my car and mom's truck with all my Scentsy stuff for the Holiday Open House on Saturday. Luckily, the people who had rented the hall for Friday night cancelled, so I was able to go set up mostly everything in my booth that night. For all our hard work, mom and I had dinner at The Grub Co. We rarely eat there anymore since I am trying to lose weight, but I sure do love it when we do! ha I even had enough weekly points left to have a piece of their Frozen Mud Pie...killer! :)

curly hair day & got to wear my new Columbia fleece

life on the farm :)

beautiful chilly fall day

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