Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 212

My feet hurt. Like really, really hurt. Spent the WHOLE day standing and talking to customers at our Holiday Open House. It's work to get it together, but it's always a lot of fun! I love helping people get their Christmas and other shopping done. The Quarter Auction was a lot of fun again...some of our guests get pretty competitive trying to win the item they want...and it's all luck of the draw. haha

my Holiday booth

I LOVE my cousin Ethan's shirt...too funny! I had to send a pic to my sis ;)

The original plans involved coming home and making a nice dinner, but I was just too tired...and so was mom. So we changed our plans and went to Sakura for Japanese Hibachi (yum, yum, yum!) and then did our weekly grocery shopping. I had a fun surprise in the mail - my certificate from Scentsy for having a great sales month in September, along with another charm for my bracelet. I'm working on having a whole bunch of $ charms on it. ha

waiting for dinner to begin

Scentsy award

I am too tired to function, but I will appreciate having the whole day to rest on Sunday!

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