Sunday, October 16, 2011

Days 197-199: Weekend Recap

I can't believe another weekend is nearly over. It seems no sooner than they begin, they quickly end! I was in desperate need of this weekend...time with family and no agenda. ha


After I got off work and finished my errands, I found plenty of time to relax at home with Toby. He has been extra cuddly lately, so I allowed him to dictate (like I had a choice!? ha) how we sat on the couch and he made himself right at home! He can be a sweet lil baby, but usually he's rotten as sin. ;)

That evening, Jenna made it home earlier than we anticipated, so we made our way down to Zach's house in Georgetown. Mom, Jen, and Zach sat around the firepit for a few hours and I...took a nap! ha That sounds pathetic, huh? Oh well. I was in major need of some sleep. Each night this past week, I've been so tired that I've snoozed while watching tv.


A somewhat early start to our day meant a splurge for breakfast...Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (blogging friends, it's your fault I'm in love with this drink!) and Frank's Donuts. Yum. Seriously, so good. It's a good thing I don't live close to either of those places! ha We made the 3 hour drive to Gatlinburg, TN...oh what a glorious place. :) We've made a yearly trip for the past few years and before that, we had been several times since young kids. I wish the leaves had been more colorful, but it was still a beautiful drive. The traffic was insane and we had enough of the craziness before it even really started! I knew it would be busy, but never anticipated the long lines of the traffic that actually were there. We made our 3 wine stops (Hillside, Mountain Valley, and Apple Barn). We enjoyed lunch at one of our fave spots in Pigeon Forge, Little Tokyo (hibachi grill - SUPER cheap lunch). Then we made a stop we'd never made before...but we'll surely be back for more Ole Smokey Mountain Moonshine. haha If you've never had Apple Pie 'shine, you're missing out!! A mere 12 hours after the leaving Zach's house, we returned. We had a simple dinner of homemade nachos and then enjoyed some time around the firepit. We were all pretty beat (that always tends to happen on long car rides), so it was a fairly early night.


Today was a wonderful day to sleep in. Most people would think 7:30 is early, but for us, it was definitely sleeping in! Zach made us biscuits and gravy for breakfast (oh my, it was soooo good!). After we were all lazy, just laying around the living room for a few hours, it was time to pack up and head back to Indiana. We made a quick lunch stop and got home around 1pm. We had lots of wine to unload from my car! ha :) Jenna made her way back to Indy. Mom and I have been doing laundry and settling back in for the week. While mom went outside to work, I got back on the exercise bandwagon! I am starting C25K over AGAIN. This time I plan to be a little more accountable and post screen shots after I finish the workouts each week.

Now it's time to grill some steaks and red potatoes for dinner. MMMMM Can't wait! ha

Hope you've all survived the weekend and are ready for another long week!

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