Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 261

I survived!!!! :)

100+ kids AND their parents/grandparents...whew! There were lots of smiles and laughs, a few cries (I didn't think Santa was THAT scary...ha), and many cookies consumed. All in all, it was a smooth running success. We were actually cleaned up by the time we said the event would end. Score for me! If they put me in charge of all company events, things would always run that smooth. ;)

Saturday afternoon, I held a Scentsy Open House at my home. While I was scarfing down my lunch, Toby was impatiently watching the door, waiting on our first guests to show up! It was a big success. I had a few more people stop by the house tonight and I have at least one more person stopping in later this week to pick up last minute Christmas gifts.

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