Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 262

Family the max.

For starters, we attended the LAST (so sad, it makes me cry) Wagner Family Christmas. The Wagner's are my maternal grandmother's side of the family. I have only 1 remaining great uncle from the original fam (my gma's brothers/sister). It was a tear-jerker as we prayed before the meal and my cousin, John, shared some heartfelt words about how times change and it's up to us "younger" generations to keep the family together.

After lunch, mom and I followed Jen back to Indy. We helped her unload a rick of firewood. Jen and her roomie keep their apartment fairly cool because of gas prices, but they enjoy using their fireplace. It was a small price to pay to help them stay warm this winter! I treated mom & Jen to dinner at Boogie Burger and then we had dessert at BRICS. I am seriously in love with the Blackberry ice cream. Cannot. Get. Enough. :) ha Good thing I don't live there because I'd weigh even more than I do now! Yikes!

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