Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 264

Tuesday definitely lived up to the hype of the week before Christmas work craziness. For every time the phone didn't ring on Monday, it rang twice on Tuesday. Lucky me! ;) haha

After work, I had 4 Scentsy boxes waiting on my doorstep. I unpacked them and put it all away. Such an accomplished feeling!

I tried to call Dish Network to have them help me fix my TV problem. Ever since Saturday or Sunday (I haven't watched much tv lately), my cable hasn't worked on my tv only. I mean...really?!? The second tv in our house has no problem, but mine is hooked directly to the receiver and I can't see a thing. ARGH. After a long frustrating call and refusing to pay a $95 technician fee, I resigned myself to no tv for a few more nights. Mom called JoJo (yes, he really goes by that...ha...) who is a Dish Tech we met a few years ago and he takes calls from previous customers for cash (and beer). ha Unfortunately, JoJo had meetings all day and we haven't heard back from him yet.

I bought a Marie Calendar's Dutch Apple Pie...pretty simple to make, just stick the frozen pie in the oven! ha I almost forgot to bake it for the Christmas lunch at work, but it smells pretty heavenly!

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