Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 266

I can't really believe it is just a few days before Christmas and we are getting rain. I am not going to complain too much, as you all know I only want snow 1 day a year and we aren't gonna get it, but I could live without the rain. At least it isn't snowing...with the inches of rain, we'd have feet of snow! Yikes. :p

I have an announcement about my little fur-baby, Toby. On Monday, my mom took him to the vet to get his toenails trimmed. The lil booger will let 1 measly girl there hold him and clip his nails, while 4 of us here at home can't manage to hog-tie him and get it done. Argh. But back to the story...haha...Doc K looked over the list of his seizures and decided it was time to put him on meds. :( So my baby will now take an anti-seizure med every day for the rest of his life. This wouldn't be so bad (he thinks pills are treats); however, due to his small size/weight, there are no pills available and the little rat has to take a liquid. Have you ever attempted to stick a syringe of liquid down a wiggle worm's throat and get them to swallow it?? The vet's office swears it takes like butterscotch (now how do they know that? ha), but Toby HATES it. The first night was quite the struggle. The past 3 nights I have held him with one arm and used the other hand to forcibly make him take the liquid med. Tonight went better than the past 2, but he doesn't like us much right now. :/ I guess we'll just keep on doing what we're doing as there doesn't seem to be any other options. *knock on wood* It's been a few weeks since he last got sick/seized and the organic dog food seemed to be helping, but it just wasn't enough to completely get rid of his episodes. Hopefully now he won't get sick anymore.....even if it means he doesn't like us much for awhile each night after giving him his med.

His oral anti-seizure med & an antibiotic pill for an infected spot we've not been able to heal under his is kinda cute to see "Toby Menchhofer" on his prescription...haha


  1. Just wait until he has an account at CVS. Our dog, Winston, is very high maintenance and we too have given him meds; only his Xanax comes from CVS. :)

  2. Have you tried switching his food to organic? Sorry you have to go through this too...I know it's hard--Sadie gets a pill every morning & night--can't miss a dose or the seizures return. Knock on wood, I cannot remember the last one she had.... I truly believe the food helped.



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