Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 267

I'm so excited about Scentsy right now! (when am I not, right?!?) ha January is Bring Back My Bar (BBMB) month, when the company brings back 20 voted on scents. There are some really good ones for next month! I have already dropped off a few packets of sample scents so I can place my first order for them on January 1st. If you are interested in collecting orders in January (a catalog party), please let me know and I'll get a packet in the mail to you. An extra incentive is that January is Double Half Price Hostess Rewards! Normally if you had a $150 party, you'd get 1 half price item. In January, you'll get 2. And that number keeps climbing the more you sell. :) AWESOME!

Last night mom, Jen and I went to dinner at one of our all-time fave places, Sakura Japanese Steakhouse - we love hibachi!! Then my cousin Zach got home and came over to our house. Mom, Jen, Z and I sat around talking and laughing - the things we do best! ;) We always have a good time together and something extremely random is always said. Last night my sister announces to us (out of nowhere), mom's reindeer looks like he's into S&M. Wait...she said what?!? hahahaha This little reindeer my mom has had for as long as I can remember, is currently sitting on the piano, and in retrospect, the harness is a bit strange. Only my family would point that out. *still laughing* Then she posted it on twitter and facebook...and more laughing ensued due to the comments! What do you think?

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