Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Days 254 & 255

Friday thru Sunday, our family gathered for the annual Christmas shindig at my cousin's house. It used to rotate between homes, but last year Zach bought a house in Georgetown and everyone else fell in love with the idea of a "slumber party" weekend. haha Some of the family stays at a local hotel, but most of us cram into the house. It's chaotic. It's loud. It's fun. We don't always see eye to eye and it's a dysfunctional group, but I love it. :)

I already posted my Project 365 pics for Friday, but I have some cute ones from Friday night that I have to share! I have 3 of the sweetest little cousins. Ethan is 8 (I can't believe that since I used to watch him one day a week when he was 1!!), Callie is 3 and Henry is 1. And I love 'em to pieces!

Henry loves Jenna...he has always gone to her which is funny because she is not really a "kid" person

Callie drinking her virgin strawberry daiquiri with the big kids ;)

Ethan & Callie

Wonder who the big kid is causing all the ruckus? haha

Saturday we mostly did our own things...the guys finished laying the laminate wood flooring in Z's hallway, some of the ladies shopped, some of us just relaxed on the couches and watched the kiddos. That evening, once everyone arrived, we had a big family dinner and included 2 of Z's neighbors. I was seriously laughing so hard that I was crying. No joke. It was the craziest, funniest, most random night ever. I can't begin to tell you the stories because you probably wouldn't believe the things that come out of my family's mouths. Wowza!

Z's beautiful Christmas tree

some of the fam hanging out

yes, we still write our names on cups and yes, my sister designated one for my alcoholic beverages!

Sunday everyone made it back to the house for a breakfast of epic proportions (donuts, waffles, biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs, fruit, etc). We all packed up and headed home after helping Z restore some order in his home! I know he enjoys having us to visit, but as a bachelor who is used to peace and quiet, I know he can't wait to get rid of us!! hahaha ;)

I was the nice one to get up early and go get donuts every morning - brrrrr! 15 degrees ain't warm enough folks!

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