Friday, January 27, 2012

5QF - 1/27

Okay, okay...where the heck has this week gone?!? I have thought about my sad little blog ALL week and how I have not had any time to update it with Project 365 pics...and staying caught up on all the reading I do of everyone else's blogs...almost nil! I feel outta the loop in so many areas right now, but I hope to rectify the situation this weekend! So hang in there. haha I'll be a commentin', replyin' and postin' fool this weekend. ;)

As for my weekly WW update....*drumroll*....I am down another 2 pounds! WOOHOO! I am now about 7 pounds up from my lowest WW weight and still 4 pounds from my goal for next week. Oh wait, you don't remember why that is my goal? Well it is because I will be doing this next Friday night....

And now for some 5QF fun with Mama! Hope you'll link up as well!

- - -

1. Do you swim in the winter?

I would if I had access to a pool! Just had this convo with my Scentsy team member the other night...she doesn't swim and is not comfortable in the water, but I on the other hand was born to be a fish! ha I did take a few rounds of swim lessons at the local Y when I was a kid, but am far from a professional swimmer. I just love the water and the workout it provides. The only time I swim in the winter is if I'm at a hotel with an indoor pool or traveling to the beach...darn, now I wanna take a tropical vacation!

2. Do you love or hate winter?

I neither love nor hate winter. I honestly do not mind the cooler temps, but I am not a fan of ice. I enjoy the snow if I don't have to be out in it...although for some reason, I always tread out in it, even if it's to go play with my little cousins! :)

3. Do you put makeup/actual clothes on when you know you're going to be home all day with just family?

hahaha...most often, NO. I am a stay in my pjs all day kinda girl if I know without a doubt I will be home all day with just family. I'm actually the "high maintenance" one in my family and I'm so far from that title it's laughable. Mom never wears makeup and isn't much on dressing up. Jen rarely ever wears makeup and prefers to be casual unless she's going out dancing.

4. How old were you when you had your first alcoholic beverage?

Okay, so like....3? haha Seriously. CATHOLIC. My grandpa would always sneak us sips of his "Old Milwaukee" beer. :) Oh how I miss Papaw. I pretty much lived at my maternal grandparent's home and grandma would always chastise him, but that never stopped him! ha I would have to say that my first really "drinking" experience came in my early pre-teens when we were allowed to drink Slush at Christmas...yum! Never had it? It's frozen sprite and bourbon.

5. How many ill calls in a 12 month period do you think are acceptable?

I'm not sure what this question means...I'm assuming how many times you call in sick?? I can count the number of times I've called in sick to work on one hand in the past 6 years. Last year, the only reason I used my paid sick day at work was because I didn't want to lose it! I mean, it's a paid day off! ;)


  1. Stopping by from Five Question Friday and I'll be back to read more later - I'm on a weight loss journey too.

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! You are kicking ass!



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