Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 275

The end of another year. 2011 flew by at a pace I was not ready for...and yet I sincerely loved every moment. There were certainly times of frustration and heartbreak, but the times of laughter, excitement, and abundance reigned supreme.

As was the fashion of my entire year, I made the last day of the year/beginning of the new year - all about family, friends, and the things I love! :) Life's too short not to!

I started the day by sleeping in (in hopes that I could survive well into the night!). I finished packing and loved on Toby a bit before mom and I headed north to pick up Jenna. From Indy, we made our way to the beloved West LaLa (West Lafayette, IN - home of the Purdue Boilermakers) for NYE fun! We got checked into the hotel and dropped mom off at BDub's (Buffalo Wild Wings) so she could have a few refreshments while watching the basketball game. Jen and I dashed over to Mackey Arena to sit with the Alumni Paint Crew (a new trend during "school breaks" in the Big 10 nation) and cheer our Boilers on to a Victory!! Boiler Up! :) BEST. TIME. EVER. Can't lie. Every opportunity we get to sit with the Paint Crew (the student section), we will totally take them up on the offer. We got to meet 1 of our Twitter friends and he was a riot! Our little section was definitely the "fun old people!" I'd hardly call us old, but we were definitely fun!

After the game, we beelined back to the hotel to change clothes and get a little glitzy for the evening's festivities. We met mom at BDub's for dinner, where we also happened to see one of the Purdue bball players (Travis Carroll) and his family come in for dinner. I know a lot of fans probably think their team's players are the most down-to-earth, but Purdue seriously has some of the most well-rounded and down-to-earth guys out there! They are humble and patient with fans...and I do my best not to invade their privacy, so no paparazzi style stalker pics! ha We scarfed our food down (because they were seriously SO freakin' slow serving us!) and walked a few feet down the strip mall plaza to stand in line for the Neon Cactus. I know you can't possibly understand it if you've never been to such an amazing, awesome, out-of-this-world-FUN bar, BUT there was a kid standing outside when we left and I overheard him tell his friend, "I've been to a lot of bars, but dude this place is the shit!" bahahahaha I was laughing so hard! I smiled and told my sister on the walk to our car that he was damn right! ;) The Cactus will always be a fun place to visit, no matter how old I get...even our mom loves to go there with us! We rang in the New Year hanging out at the Cactus's famed Rusty Bucket Saloon with Bruce the Piano Man. He remembered us (is that a bad thing? haha) and we sang the night away with our croaky voices (Jen can barely talk today from all the yelling at the game and singing at the bar). We visited with old friends and met some new ones...and saw a few more Purdue bball players celebrating the night (Robbie Hummel, DJ Byrd, Ryne Smith) while at the bar. We toasted 2012 by drinking champagne. The night ended for us at about 1am, when we made it across the parking lot to our hotel (hey, we're not stupid enough to stay too far away from the party location).

You'll have to wait for the January 1st update to get the final details of our night! ha

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