Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 277

Mother Nature, you are a fickle woman. Quit shaking your darn snow globe!! I only want snow 1 day a year and it didn't come, so it can just as quickly quit. Today we were supposed to "scattered flurries" and in reality, we had whiteout conditions several times. It was a cyclical day...flurries, whiteout, no flurries, repeat. Argh. Add in lots of nasty wind and below freezing temps, the snow is sticking, even if there isn't much of it.

I had another good day of sticking with my points. I realize it's only the second day of the year (and thus, only my second day back to WW), but after overindulging for a solid 2-3 months, I thought it might be hard to cut back on my intake. I've had lots of veggies today and that has helped with any cravings. I even have enough points to enjoy one of my all-time favorite treats - peanut butter! I will definitely be having a piece of bread with peanut butter here in a bit for my snack. :)

Zucchini & Mushrooms grilled on the stovetop & a baked chicken breast made in a NuWave oven

I had every intention of walking on the treadmill tonight...and I still might. All day today I have had chills and an increasingly sore throat. :( I am hoping beyond hopes that I'm not getting sick. I've been bundled up with a blanket while sitting in front of my heater all night. Mom is burning up in the house and I'm freezing. Sounds like a good equation for the sickies! Ugh. Hopefully resting and getting a good night's sleep will help absolve me of any illness.

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