Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 278

Feeling crummy today...achy all over, still chilled, sore throat hanging on for dear life...I attempted to purge my body of the sickies last night. Truly. I took some Nyquil (for those of you who know my tolerance for adult meds, laugh away!) and heaped the covers on my bed while turning the heater setting up. When I went to bed, I thought I was going to have a heat stroke, but I was determined to "sweat out" the fever or whatever illness I could feel settling in my body. This morning I woke up...pretty much the same way I fell asleep...burning up! Argh. So tonight I am attempting this again. ha I refuse to get SICK. No, sirree!

On a more pleasant and completely random note, I am loving this drink tonight. I love Diet Ale8, a wonderful Kentucky concoction, that my cousin who lives in Georgetown introduced me to. Whenever I visit, I demand a trip to the Wal-Mart just down the road to get a 12 pack! haha It lasts me quite a while because I am not a big diet-pop-drinker; however, this stuff is soooooooo good. While counting points, it is a treat I can have for 0 points and not have to suffer my Coke withdrawals...which yes, I am doing good...no Coke since Sunday and before that I was back down to only 1 a day! It's hard cutting caffeine out of your life. Thank goodness I still have my black coffee in the morning! ha

And I wanted to throw this random video up. I really like it. A friend posted that her little girl was singing this song tonight, so I looked it up. I really like Britt Nicole's music, but Jamie Grace is just as good. This song definitely lifted my spirits tonight! Enjoy :)

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  1. ouch girlie! I am sorry that you do not feel up to par :( I hope that you get to feeling better soon :) & ps that ale sounds absolutely awful... & I love love love that song



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